New questions exercise Ear training scale degrees level 2

For Ear Training exercise scale degrees level 2, I have made new questions, or better, new melodies. These new melodies are shorter and the tonic is easier to hear.

The goal of this exercise is to be able to recognise on which tone of the scale a melody ends, or at a fragment or phrase within the melody. That is to say, which tone counting up from the tonic of the scale. This is indicated by a number:

  • 1 = the first tone of the scale - the tonic
  • 3 = the third tone of the scale
  • 5 = the fifth tone of the scale - the dominant


See example question and practical steps.

On which tone of the scale does the following melody end?

Sing the melody being played to form an idea of this melody.

1. sing until you find the most stable tone

2. the tonic

3. sing the last tone you hear

4. and descend through the scale of the fragment to the tonic

Answer: the melody ends on the third tone of the scale, the third.