New questions exercise Harmony embellishing tones

New questions exercise Harmony embellishing tones

For Harmony exercise 7a: embellishing tones, I have made 50 new questions from which 8 questions are randomly chosen, this allows you to do the exercise several times without repeating the same questions.

Melody tones do not always belong to the particular chord being used. These tones are called nonharmonic tones or embellishing tones. Melody tones belonging to a particular chord are called harmonic tones.

There are four main types of nonharmonic tones:

  1. passing tone
  2. neighboring tone (or auxiliary tone)
  3. anticipation
  4. suspension


Sample question


What type of tone is the note indicated by the arrow?

No image!

Practical steps 1. D, the note being played, is a nonharmonic tone.
2. D is being played between the two harmonic tones E and C.
3. D is a passing tone.
Answer Choose: passing tone